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slurree-sack-concrete-washout-bagOne Ton Bag™ is proud to be a leader in innovative solutions towards a cleaner future. Through industry collaboration, internal reviews, trial and error, One Ton Bag™ strives to remain on the cutting edge of F.I.B.C.* technology. With cement washout laws passing more frequently throughout the globe, it is exciting to announce our latest solution, the Slurree Sack™ – Concrete Washout Bag.

Our Slurree Sack™ – Concrete Washout Bag solves problems in logistics during the clean out of your cement mixer, pump or bucket. Older solutions were complicated at best; at worst they were environmental hazards and potential fines eating your profits. Staying competitive in today’s market demands innovation and forward progress. Days of the blue plastic kiddie pool are over.

With patent pending STROBIL Technology, One Ton Bag™ is creating simple means to an end. The use of STROBIL allows our latest generation Slurree Sack™ – Concrete Washout Bag to stand in its own footprint.* Furthermore, through use of our waterproof liner, this bag will not drain over time. One Ton Bag™ believes, like any good tool, our Slurree Sack™ – Concrete Washout Bag is designed to work for you, not against you. Once filled, this specialized sack can be lifted by four reinforced cross corner loops and moved at a moment’s notice.

Tested on the toughest yards in New York City, we are proud to say we stand alongside our bags.

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